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A Smile that Captures the Sun

Taking a journey through music is an awesome way to travel. The single “Fall” by Hippie G is one that takes you on an adventure through the eyes of someone who’s falling in love. Expounding on the beauty of love and the feeling that follows. Hippie G has grasp the feeling of unconditional love and the beauty of finding someone who gets you completely. The melody the artist use is euphoric and mesmerizing. Capturing the attention of the listener. The word play that is demonstrated is effortless as he tells his story of how opposites attract. Bringing attention to the light and darkness in all of us, this songs contrast of our dual sides is phenomenal. The metaphorical analogies brings life to this piece of art as it describes the importance of acceptance in love. If you are looking for a song that speaks to your inner lover side, this song will bring it out. Take a listen to this master piece it's worth the listen.

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