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Monday Coffee Club

Young Entrepreneur Atiyah McDaniels established Monday Coffee Club in September of 2023, empowering women to take power within their healing journey. Promoting “Girl Power”, and showing young women the importance of healing, evolving, and restoring who they are. The acronym for H.E.R. is a clever way to highlight getting back to the inner parts of yourself that were once lost through trauma experiences.

She launched her book “Change Your Mindset, Change Your Life” in 2020 during a time when most of us felt lost and trapped due to the pandemic. Atiyah found a way to encourage her viewers to stay strong. Providing them with a guide to help them transform the way they think.

Continuously being a role model for young girls to follow in a positive light, she is motivating women all over to boss up. Creating tools to help them along on their journey, from books to journals. She has created a community where women can join and begin to build healthy relationships. Transforming lives in the best way, while motivating them throughout their journey.

Understanding that it is not always easy to go through the motions alone. She is providing a safe space for women of all ages to learn and grow as they rediscover the parts of them that were once lost.

If you are looking for a community of women that you can connect with and encourage you. This is the perfect place to start. Check out Monday Coffee Club and experience an uplifting community of women who will stand by you and coach you along your healing journey in embracing H.E.R. again.

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