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Acknowledging Entrepreneurship

Meet Cashem Holland, Executive Director of Financial B.O.S.S. (Better Opportunities for Sustainable Success. A non-profit organization designed to help families with their financial hardships, by teaching Finacial Literacy.

“Financial education enables us to view money differently, and make better financial decisions.”

~ Cashem Holland

Upon starting his own non-profit organization, Cash saw a need within his community for financial literacy.

With a degree in Tech and Business administration, Cash saw an opportunity to use his knowledge to help those who need assistance with finances and created a platform to help others learn about Financial freedom.

With limited resources to help families with their financial struggles; Cash was able to figure out a way to grant access to residents, who are in desperate need to change their financial circumstances.

Through his weekly Zoom meetings, held every Friday afternoon; at 12pm sharp; he has been able to help people follow their financial goals. Through teaching vocabulary to expand their mindsets, and weekly talks on how important it is to invest in yourself.

Financial Boss is on their way to expanding the mindset of the people who live within the community.

With goals of introducing economics into the public school curriculum, as well as creating workshops for adults, he is doing a tremendous job within his community.

I hope that soon, we can expect our children will be able to learn about money and its importance to survival.

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