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Acknowledging Women in Business

Updated: Jun 27

Call me Boss Lady

Newark, NJ – Women are on the rise here in New Jersey. Many women are stepping out and taking charge, becoming entrepreneurs in their own spirits. Following their dreams and accomplishing their goals.

This week we are acknowledging a young woman, who has set aside her fears; and became confident enough to move forward toward her dreams. Let’s introduce you to a young woman who has bossed up, to make a change within her community.

Meet Crystal Evans

Graduating in 2008 from Newark Tech High School. She like other young graduates went into the world unsure of what it had to offer. Taking on dead end jobs to support herself and her family she was just making ends meet.

At twenty-eight years of age she attended three programs, Walker Legacy, Moms Who Hustle, and Rising Tide. Once completing these programs, Crystal gained the necessary skills needed to create her own business.

Upon starting Moms Who Hustle, she was not sure of what she wanted to do.

“I went in wanting to write a book, but as I attended this program it became much more.” Crystal mentions.

Now she is the owner of the Affirmation line “A Mother Daughter Company” whose focus is to encourage self-confidence, self-empowerment, and positive words of wisdom. She is now offering a twelve-week empowerment program, that focuses on those important topics. Hosting workshops geared to better youth development and encouraging Black Women in leadership.

She is currently working on self-publishing her Memoirs titled “Memoirs of a Spiritual Black Unicorn.”

“I always felt that I was different and that I had a special mission to accomplish.”

~Crystal Evans

With so much on her plate already, she also plans to have her first launch as a business owner, in March that will house the merchandise coming soon.

Keep moving Mommas, you are giving the rest of us motivation do conquer our fears.

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