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Beyond the Mind of the Heart

New Single Release: "My Lone" by NahniiA

As we all go through our ups and downs in relationships we soon find comfort in music, we can relate to. First single released December 20, 2022 “My Lone” by NahniiA an upcoming artist from California; has broke out into her artistry. From starting out performing different covers of other familiar artist. She has hit us with her very first single, capturing her own unique style and flow.

Speaking on the downfalls of love and how sometimes we fall for people who secretly wish for our failures. This song speaks the true feelings of those of us who have dismissed the thought of love, and the disappointments that we sometimes face within it.

The flow and style of the song is definitely on point. With the beat bussing and her vocals floating across it, truly brings a vibe that you are sure to enjoy. This is for sure a hit that will be on repeat for years to come. If you are looking for a song that speaks to the part of you that understands that sometimes there are you can’t trust every love that comes your way, and encourages you to continue to move towards your goals. This single is the one for you. So if you have checked it out already go Now!!!

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