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Civil War III Battle Reviews

Updated: Jan 2

As Battle Rap continues to grow new artist consistently emerge, taking their place within the culture. Showing off their talents and skills, these rappers are taking the culture by storm. On December 11, 2022 the line up was crazy. Releasing the battles on Christmas for the fans to see, URL has exceeded their expectations. Fans waited patiently for the release of the Civil War III card, and the results are in. Let’s jump in to the battles and the word play master pieces that were created.

First Up, Kitchen Kleen vs Stumbles. This battle was rather interesting. Each round had its own moments. In the first round Stumbles produced some nice references to basketball that hit for the most part. A gun bar that referenced the “Pursuit of Happiness” which was dope.

Coming into the second round, Kleen came back with some fire bars that encouraged rewind from the crowd. Both competitors came with their own swag and flow that hyped the crowd in their own way.

Over all they had a pretty good back and forth, with some nice punch lines that were dope. Make references to award shows and dance moves, Kleen for sure took the second round. The third round was a dud from both performers.

Now this battle was lit from beginning to end. O-Red vs Tru Foe. The energy in both of their performances were on point. They kept the energy up from the moment they hit the stage. In the first round O-Red’s Power references were hitting hard and his translation bar was crazy. His metaphors were creative and uniquely designed. Tru Foe also had some nice bars in the first round, from the name flips, stock references and anime bars. He definitely held his own in this round.

Keeping up his energy and vibing with the crowd. Each of these battlers were working throughout this battle, no easy routes given. Each battler showed off as they performed and gave a show; while maintaining the crowds reactions. The references that both used were insane and had the crowd interacting with each bar.

These boys came through. As URL’S new class of ’23 EAZE vs HANSEL had a crazy back and forth performance. Showing off their skills and word play they truly gave the crowd a show. Hansel in the first round had some crazy NWA references that was dope. His name flip bar for Ease's “One Country Nigga” slogan was too good to miss. He was on point with his punches, hyping the crowd along the way.

Ease second and third round was entertaining. Giving references to Hansel’s role in the movie industry and providing bars that people could relate to growing up in the struggle. The performance from both of them were astounding. They gave a performance to the crowd and kept the same energy from beginning to end. Loved the word play and analogies from both battlers.

Nu Jersey Twork vs Real Sikh. Jumping out the first round Twork came crazy. Bars were Real Sick pun intended. His word play was hitting on every bar, from his Indian tribe references to his name flips. He came through taking bodies off the gate, no remorse. High energy performance whole round, outstanding. Real Sikh came back in the first round with his digestion bar. His energy was live as he matched Twork’s.

Second round Twork continued to bring the word play and name drops. Blazing through this round hitting with every bar. Twork came through killing this round. His references were too lit. Sikh came back fighting back with his Marvel references.

Overall this was a dope battle, the performances were on point. Twork took this battle all the way home. Each rapper maintained their performance level from beginning to end.

Chef Trez vs. Nunn Nunn. First round Nunn Nunn had a few Chef bars that hit in the beginning of the round. They each had some good name bars for one another. Chef turned up towards the middle of the round.

In the second round Nunn came back with his biggie reference and his Chef recipe reference. Chef regained momentum as he sailed through with his battle rapper references. Chef’s third round turned up as he took that round.

Overall this battle was interesting each battler came through with their own unique performance. The energy wasn’t as hyped as it could have been.

Last but not least, Tay Roc vs Kid Slade. This was the battle everyone was waiting for, and it was worth the wait, things got a little heated. First round Tay Roc came out with the newspaper reference as he produced paperwork on Kyd. His unplug bar was lit and sky bar. Kyd Slade came back with his knuckle up and Harlem night bars.

During the second round both battlers turned up. Tay Roc references to movies titles and flowed fluently. Kyd came back with his morphine reference and name drop. Toward the third round Tay Roc turned up using references from house party and other movie titles.

Overall this battle was entertaining, the performance from each battler was unique. They both provided a vivid picture and entertained the crowd.

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