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Fear Is Not Your Fate

Fear /'fi(ə)r/

Noun.: an unpleasant often strong emotion caused by anticipation or awareness of danger and accompanied by increased autonomic activity ~Mirriam Webster

Fate /fāt/

Noun.: The development of events beyond a person's control, regarded as determined by supernatural power ~Oxford Language

Fear has the potential to be a crutch that can keep you bound. Bound to your negative thoughts that you entertain. Fear can become a comfort zone, a vice even, that can consume your ability to thrive and grow. Your anxieties and insecurities fuel and navigate how much it can control your outlook on life; it can stunt your growth even.

Boundaries can limit the number of unpleasant acts that cripple you from becoming your best self. Fear gives you a false sense of safety, hence building mental walls. Having you believe that you are keeping yourself from harm, when in fact, you are indeed shielding yourself from any good that can happen as well.

Becoming in touch with yourself in its most relaxed state can help you settle those reservations. Creating calm atmospheres can begin to develop a real groundbreaking avenue for the safety that a person desires. Eliminating the passion to nurture fear in its entirety is a choice. A simple, yet intricate choice.

You can starve fear by facing it head-on. You must be willing to become vulnerable. Affirming to yourself what your mind deems impossible; thinking beyond what is holding you back from your destiny. Vision is not just what you see with your natural eye, but what you think with your sound mind. To be sound, you must be able to understand yourself in its most available state. Your mental capacity must become free to explore what you don't even see naturally.

Taking the time to evaluate the triggers that brought you to the place of alarm can help guide you out of that place of panic. It helps you to identify what it is you are feeling at that moment. It also helps you confront what is causing the need of retreating into a shut-off stance.

Letting the alarming, unsettling feeling resonate too long can only become a recipe for becoming stifled. Rejection has a voice where it doesn't belong. Fear has been given permission it does not deserve. Anything good waiting on the other side of that space doesn't give your potential or your purpose a chance to flourish.

Vision boards are a great way of canceling the idea of fear. It gives no excuse for the possibilities that you place on yourself. You can see in plain sight what goals are attainable. Meditation helps to clear your mind and thoughts, helping to center you amidst all chaos that may be keeping you focused. Take one day at a time, any little powerful step to make progress for a positive outcome. Diminishing the patterns of negativity can set you on a path of endless possibilities.

Make the effort to silence your mind from despairing thoughts. You are worth more than what fear has you thinking. Trust yourself. You are capable of overcoming fear in a major way.

~Fear is not your fate.

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