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Feed More Food Drive

Updated: Mar 27

"The Sun shines for the seed that's ready to blossom"

Many times we don’t realize the significance we hold within our communities and the changes we can make. Here in Florida, there is a movement brewing amongst the residents there. As the summer is quickly approaching many families may experience the lack of funds for food, as children will no longer be in school. Understanding the need for families that may not receive assistance due to working, and government assistance not being available to them because of income requirements; FLM a movement created by members of the community, have organized a food drive for that purpose.

With this knowledge, a few members of the FLM family, Common Sense, Kay Mac, Kween Bee and Rose; have decided to come together to fix this problem. By creating a food drive that will help those in need. They have begun raising money to accomplish this goal as well as providing donators with a wish list to help customize food packages for residents.

As of May 27th, 2023, between the hours of 11am and 1pm, Florida's residents will be able to access food orders at the designated location.

This is one of many things to come, as we start to build and unify our communities. I believe that this can spark a sense of comradery and provide stability in areas that may lack such balance.

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