How to deal with a nick picky boss?

“Don’t allow the frustration of others, tamper with your mood.”


Ever have a Boss that constantly criticized your every move, To the point you wondered what you were doing wrong? Well I’m here to help you understand why you may be a target, and what you can do to tackle this problem professionally, within your current work environment.

In most office and customer service positions there are times where you may find yourself working at your own pace, which can cause uncertainty with your superiors. They may notice that you work faster than other workers within your department or former employees, which may cause them to question your ability in completing your task properly. Or you may be working at a steady pace which may not be enough effort in your Boss’ eyes. In some cases they may feel threatened by your work ethic and feel that you can potentially take their current position. Although these may seem like down points they are actually pluses. I say that because when you are able to surpass your teacher you are capable of much more. (Keep in mind that it’s not always you sometimes people are miserable in their fields and hate to see a person succeed and enjoying their jobs or careers that they love. Or they may see your potential and just want to push you to do better.) In either case there are ways to handle this.


In the event that you find yourself in this predicament here are a few pointers to use. If you are doing your job to the best of your ability, and your Boss continues to push, pick a time out the day when your supervisor is most likely to be available and ask to have a meeting to discuss ways to better complete your task. Once confirmed have a chat with them and explain your current process you use to complete your task. Once you have explained, ask them how you can come to a more efficient way to complete the task at hand. After you both have come to a compromise try out the new system.

If you are still experiencing micromanagement; call a meeting with your supervisor and your head supervisor to try to come to a solution that will help everyone. At this time you can express your concerns and explain how you tried the new system in efforts to become efficient in completing your work. You can also make a suggestion for another position and see if it would be possible to switch departments.

In conclusion try your best to stay calm even under pressure. Be sure to stay on top of your work so that when you do call your meeting you know what you’re talking about. Also be sure that you are doing something that makes you happy otherwise the fight is for nothing.

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