I almost forgot about you Book Review

I almost forgot about you by Terry McMillan, is a tale of memories. Ever catch yourself scrolling down memory lane, trying to pinpoint the mistakes that ruin your relationship?

Author Terry McMillan has done just that; as she goes through GeorGia’s past relationships and tries to figure out where she went wrong, or why do you make a choice to date that person. Ever done that? I know I have, while reading this book I found a lot of things to be similar to what I’ve done throughout my life.

I feel a connection with the characters. Especially the main character Georgia. Through her relationships with her family and friends. I can recall some of my conversations with my girls about men we‘ve dated and why it didn’t work. While reading this book I felt like I was talking to a close friend, about her experiences and what she was feeling.

This humorous tale will have you laughing your head off, with her witty snap backs to her friends and family members etc. I must admit, this book wasn’t what I expected, I assumed it will be about something totally different but I’m glad that I picked it up.

I rate this book 3 ***

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