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"lashes & Drama" October 23, 2023

Faith “Fayemiss” Hayward, known to some as Meek Mill's sister, is a Jersey City artist passionate about music, art, and entertainment, but her talents do not deplete there. She has expanded her knowledge beyond music. Tapping into business and financial wealth, while also writing and creating Ebooks on self-employment, and how to gain capital. She has been helping people build wealth and understand the importance of building and fixing their credit. Creating courses to help educate the community in financial literacy.

Taking the internet by storm with her creative style has pushed her through many doors. Creating a rap news segment, using her gift to speak on political topics. She presents material to her viewers in a way they can understand and enjoy.

Her skill for wordplay makes her talents unique as she recently released her latest single “Lashes & Drama” on October 23, 2023. Her style is a mash-up between R&B and Rap, the way she brings both worlds together is a masterful creation that is effortless.

Faye is a role model to many young girls who have experienced similar hardships as she has and is showing them how to generate wealth. Not allowing her past to define her she is instead making a change with her wealth of knowledge and sharing it with those who are ready to grow. This is no ordinary artist she is using her gifts to reshape the masses with her voice.

If you haven’t heard any of her material, check out her music available on all musical platforms. You will find this well-skilled artist worth the listen, Also check out her website for tips and guidance for financial growth. Ladies, you don’t want to miss out at the chance to Level and Boss up.

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