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A shift in Paradigm

Aneesa Strings

“Music captures the mind of the heart and paints the picture so that we can see.”

Aneesa Strings Bassist of Jazz and R&B Soul; from Oakland, California. Has been known for her amazing covers of classic songs we all know and love. From “Fever”, “Hypnotize” by Biggie, and more. Adding her own artistic flow to the strings she plays so gracefully; leaving fans obsessed.

Her ability to play the bass so eloquently is so breathe taking. Not to mention her Album “A Shift in Paradigm” where she masters the art of jazz in her own unique way. Creating a journey that we can follow along the way.

Not only does she dabble in Jazz, but she also has an R&B album “Ways” released May 31, 2019, where she combines the two while providing much diversity in musical styles is astonishing.

If you are a Jazz or R&B fan you will not be disappointed in this project, and if you aren’t this will expand your musical pallet to new heights. Check out Anessa Strings music available on all musical platforms. This is something you can sit back and vibe to as you relax.

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