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Sierra "Scarlip" Lewis

"This is New York"

As music is healing for the soul, we tend to find peace within it.

Sierra “Scarlip” Lewis has taken the world by storm with her trending freestyle “This is New York”. Gaining features and recognition from top artists such as Buster Rhymes, Jadakiss, Swizzbeats, and more.

This Bronx rapper is taking charge and showing the world what true female rap should look like. Bringing massive energy along this healing journey, Scar is showing who she truly is.

Taking her pain and turning it into art; using it as therapy to heal through the horrors she faced as a child, and breaking through in early adulthood. She is taking control of her narrative and owning her scars that were once wounds she could no longer hide.

Her music is a reflection of how traumas can become the light beyond the tunnel. As a young poet in her earlier years, Scar found an escape through her writing realizing there was power within her wounds. With her creativity at an all-time high, she was able to create heartfelt music that young girls all over the world would relate to.

Dropping her singles “Therapy”, “Foster Care”, and “Suicide Awareness” were tear jerkers, as she began bringing awareness to mental health issues that most black families are ashamed to speak on. From speaking on depression to suicide; Scar has become the voice for those young girls who struggle with self-love and acceptance. Her voice speaks volumes for young girls that find it hard to fit into social norms and look for acceptance in all the wrong places.

The deep emotions expressed within her music will shape how young black girls around the world view their circumstances. Scar is creating a voice for young girls who have been mistreated, teased and showing them that they can own their truths without being ashamed. Teaching young girls that they are not what they have been through and with strength they can overcome anything.

Her style and flow give off a vibe mixture of Lil Kim, Eve, and Jadakiss. If these are some artists that you love and enjoy, Scarlip is definitely an artist you should take a look into. She is truly setting her own trends and paving the way for young women to love and enjoy who they truly are. Check out more of Scarlip, her music can be found on all musical platforms. This is a wave you don’t want to miss.

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