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Providing Understanding and Wisdom: Power Refinement Amongst the Masses.

"Martin Luther" Press Release 2/23/2023

Over decades music has been used as a weapon to destroy the minds of many. As new artists emerge this is being challenged and refined to reshape the mindset of millions. V of 40M a revolutionary rapper from North Carolina is working to do just that. With previous releases such as “No Church on Sunday”, “Way Back”, and “PWR”, just to name a few; he’s working to bring back understanding and wisdom within the culture; starting a movement that will empower many generations to come.

Producing a modern sound, that many can vibe and relate to, his new single

“Martin Luther” due to release February 23, 2023; is one to be reckoned with. Speaking on social injustices within our communities, and power struggles that are often unspoken. This single is bound to penetrate the souls of it’s listeners. V of 40M has released yet another epic hit, that will open your mind and awaken your inner warrior. This conscious revolutionary artist is definitely making a statement. With his mission to reach millions and shift the mindsets of his generation and those to follow.

I recommend if you haven’t already listened to some of his music that you start with this new single. It will open your eyes and impact your mind in ways you would have never imagined. Check out “Martin Luther” available on all platforms. You won’t regret it!!

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