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Real Love vs Love opportunity

Updated: Jun 27

Let’s take a step back and analyze ourselves. What is it that you really want out of a relationship? Why is it necessary to be in a relationship? Does it even make sense for you to be in a relationship at this point in your life? Sometimes we need to ask ourselves some serious questions if we really want to grow.

Now why did I ask these questions? I’ll tell you. Until you know what you want out of anything your destination is bleak. You are now traveling blindly hoping for the best. Let’s stop you right there, this is definitely not what you want. So take the time to research your true feelings.


Now it’s time to make sure that this is not a sham. That you aren’t going to just release your all to someone whose an opportunist. Yes I said it, an opportunist. Someone whose with you and drains ever bit of you and gives you nothing in return. The moment you fall on your face you no longer matter. That’s not love, it’s opportunity.

When your with someone you are suppose to feel like you are on top of the world and you both are beyond it. You both should feel like nothing could tear you apart, and if you really love a person nothing ever can, beside disloyalties. But, if a person is disloyal to you they never loved you in the first place.

When in love, you have each other’s back. You make sure each other is good in every way possible. That should always be the goal. You should never bend over backwards for someone who ain’t doing the same. A relationship is a double edge sword. If I messed up then we just failed as a team. Real Love is teamwork unwatered. You work together on all possible problems and work together to fix them.


Now love of opportunity is a slap in the face, and it hurts. To find out that the person you’ve been riding for would drop you in a heart beat for the smallest setback. They start to feel like it’s not worth sticking it out with you. In there eyes, now there’s nothing to gain. There’s nothing you can provide for them.

Uh excuse me, were you not the one who loved and supported them? Right! People tend to forget the things you done until it’s convenient for them. In reality people only remember when you stop doing all that you use to, that’s normally when they change their tunes.

So next time you decide to shack up, make sure you’re both getting what you need, otherwise it’s a waste of time.

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