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Self-Image is Power

Updated: Jun 27

Self Image is power

"I am that, I am. Who you see in the mirror everyday reflects what the world sees."

~ Yahmina Bryant

You can't allow someone else to tell you who you are. You have to know for yourself. Self image is a powerful tool that many people neglect.

How can you ever move forward when you don't believe in yourself. You have to believe in yourself when no one else is willing to support you. There is no greater feeling than knowing that you can do something on your own.

"I love me enough for the both of us."

~ Jhene Aiko

You have to love yourself so much, that no matter what another person says; your self-esteem isn't effected; because the only opinion that really matters is your own.

It takes a strong person to be able to ignore the opinion of others. We all have our flaws, its learning to accept those flaws that shows your strengths.

People are always going to be critical of your actions, appearance and success but you are the one that is going to be affected by the decisions you make. So keep in mind the next time you put yourself down you're only hurting yourself.

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