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Your beauty is phenomenal,

The way your eyes glisten in the sun, it compliments your silky brown skin, it melts my heart.

Looking at you makes me wonder why you haven't been captured yet, But no need to worry my love for you is endless.

I love to watch you when you're in deep thought and you tilt your head, you're so beautiful.

Its incredible the way you walk with confidence, it brings me to my knees.

I love the way you dance when you eat, it excites my inner fat kid.

Can't you see, I love everything about you, but I hate that one day I will have to give you away to someone who deserves you.

But until then I shall have you to myself and devour you with my love until it hurts.

Give me a chance to show you that you are worthy to be loved.

Let me shower you with kisses that leaves your body tingling in remembrance of me.

Allow me to be the reason you smile in the morning and sleep peacefully at night

I promise it will be worth the energy

Taking in your beauty with my eyes I see fragments of you within me

So I take this time out to soak it all into my memory

Now I'm sitting here and noticing I'm falling instantly in love with me

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