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Skin Deep Esthetics and Spa

Acknowledging Business

Summer is slowly creeping in and ladies that smooth carefree beach body is well attainable; and I have just the right place for you to treat your kitty to some well-deserved attention.

Thirty-six-year-old Nicole B. Stovall, a young nurse out of Virginia, established her skin care business Skin Deep Esthetics and Spa during the end of the pandemic. Recognizing a need for self-care and love for women within her community. Nicole realized that a lot of women have an insecurity when it comes to skin pigmentation. As some may experience discoloration in certain regains of the body, she has generated a series of treatments that will help result in healthier skincare routines.

Her services consist of a variety of options, from body treatments, Intimate lightening, Intimate waxing, and more. Each service provides the client with a combination of extractions, exfoliation, and moisturizers that will help the skin become much healthier.

These services are not limited to just simple waxing, but also facials for your bottom areas to help with acne within those unseen areas.

As she continues to use her knowledge in health care, she aspires to create her own line of skincare products in the near future, that will be well suited for her business demographical target.

If you are ever in the Virginia area for a beach vacation, and you need to get your body right for the summer. Be sure to check out Skin Deep Esthetics and Spa, it will be worth your while and great for your pockets.

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