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There is no Kingdom without Kings

Father's Day shouldn't be the only day Fathers are acknowledged

As Father’s Day fades away, the acknowledgments of the Kings whose consistency lingers in the balance go unnoticed throughout the year. We often forget the daily efforts of the men around us that constantly provide security and comfort for their families. As the world around us bashes the image of black men within our communities and portrays them as needless; we must start to change the narrative of the men within our communities.

Black men are never recognized for the positive impact that they have on their families and the strength they hold within them. Although many media outlets tend to generate content that shows the absence of black fathers within the home, statistics within data sources such as the Census Bureau and Data Chart show that 38% of Black children live in a two-parent household. This doesn’t include those who live with both parents who are unmarried.

We are forced to believe that the men within our communities aren’t showing up for their children when in reality 73% of Black fathers engage with their children frequently. While 58% of Black fathers reside with at least one or more of their children; according to Data Chart. The media tends to push that there are more single-mother households than there are two-parent households. When there is generally 31% of children only live with a single mother.

Without this knowledge, the black community will continue to believe that there aren’t any Black men who are actively a part of their children’s lives. We as a community need to continue to push and promote the efforts of the men who surround us. There are many fathers who are extremely present and consistently active with their children.

As a community we need to bring more attention to the efforts of these men and continuously provide a positive narrative of our Kings; while encouraging them to continue being active. We are nothing without the strength and balance of our men. We should acknowledge their efforts daily and build up their existence within the family dynamics; as we dispel the notion that they are absent. This is an effort to bring awareness to Black fathers and the contribution they bring daily. Salute to all the Fathers you are greatly appreciated and we honor you.

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