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“What’s ya Life Like?” Movie Premier April 19th, 2023

Premiering at Cityplex 12 movie theatre in Newark, NJ from 7pm to 12am EST, Battle Rapper Shotgun Suge will be starring in his first movie; as the writer and producer of his first official script. This artist will be one of many Newark natives to show off his acting talents.

After battling in URL for over 13years, and performing in 56 of URL Battles, Shotgun Suge is taking his career to another level. Taking a shot in the film industry, he is pushing himself into a new direction; creating a new fan base through film.

By providing his fans with new material that they will appreciate. Fans will be able to see him in a new light. Bringing a new realm of appreciation of his artistic creation. Shotgun Suge will be admired for his efforts and success, showing upcoming and aspiring artist that there is no limit to their artistry.

This is something you don’t want to miss out on. If you are a Jersey native, and are a fan of Urban films such as, “New Jersey Drive”, “Paid in Full”, “Belly” just to name a few; this film should be right up your alley. Get your Tickets Today.

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