“Three may keep a secret if two of them are dead.”- Benjamin Franklin

Four mutual parties in the city of Atlanta all hold secrets, some of which are more deadly than others. The beautiful boss lady Raven Mitchell aka Ray is married to the handsome kingpin Dominique Mitchell aka Dom. They were the perfect power couple until the ultimate deception was discovered. The couple is faced with trials and tribulations as new people enter their lives and test their loyalty to one another. This beauty’s heart is pulled in different directions as trust is broken, loyalty is crushed, relationships are built, and relationships are torn apart. But it doesn’t stop there.

The fine and high class street thug Dominique Mitchell is another story. This handsome king has a temper that causes him to make impromptu decisions. One decision of his may or may not cause him to lose his very own queen. Dom’s selfish acts soon catch up to him and more difficult decisions are placed at his feet. This Atlanta kingpin’s world gets turned upside down when it seems like every decision he makes is the wrong one whether it’s involving Raven or the other women in his life. 

Every man has that one homie who he trusts like a brother. In Dom’s case, it’s Jakhari Moss, better known as Khari. This king is also powerful in the drug world. He works alongside his best friend Dom. Sneaky is an understatement to describe Khari. This sexy melanin specimen has trouble keeping his hands to himself. He battles with himself to be a better man but life keeps throwing curve balls. If temptation is knocking, Khari’s answering the door. Will his mischievous ways cost him his friendship? Will he ever grow up and use his head to think instead of his manhood? 

The sweet and beautiful Ariah Taylor better known as Raven’s best friend has her own secret that’s killing her inside. She’s hid this secret for years and she’s ready to tell her truth but a very someone won’t allow it. Will her secret cost her the only true friend that she has or will they be able to work through their differences? 

Some secrets are better kept if you’re dead. 

You Keepin’ Secrets

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